CDM’s friends at the Spanish-language Hispasonic run one of the best music tech sites on the Interwebs. They’ve been kind enough to share some of their videos from the Messe show, and you won’t have to speak a word of Spanish to follow them. (The Arturia Origin was later overdubbed with Spanish.) Of course, I did just see some discount tickets to Spain, so maybe I should brush up. (Hispasonic links here are naturally in Spanish, but everyone can enjoy the videos.)

My favorite: a tour of the Superbooth, an exhaustive mini-expo of modular music tech.

Superbooth @ Hispasonic

Plus another look at the Arturia Origin synth:

In the DJ category, Rane shows off Serato Scratch, which, despite our chatter about Native Instruments vs. Stanton, remains a very popular choice:

Serato Scratch @ Hispasonic

Drumagog is a promising-looking drum replacement plug-in; drum triggering is an area in which we haven’t seen a whole lot of action lately, and the fact that this has potential for driving visuals means you may see it soon on both CDMusic and Motion.

Drumagog @ Hispasonic

And finally, Novation’s cute new NIO 2|4 audio hardware, which I’ll be covering properly later today.

Novation NIO 2|4 @ Hispasonic

Updated: One more from Hispasonic: the Dexter control surface. There are definitely some new widgets that were not on the Lemur.