As seen in the video from last month’s Music Makers event, LittleGPTracker is a tracker for Linux-based GP2X and GP32 systems. The GP-series boxes are terrific little game machines that, unlike proprietary commercial game systems from Sony and Nintendo, are completely open. (Well, even if there is a certain pleasure to hacking PSPs, Game Boys, and DS machines to play homebrew anyway.)

LittleGPTracker’s interface is modeled after LSDJ, the cult favorite tracker for Game Boys. That interface can be archaic at first if you’ve never seen trackers, but with adjustment, many swear by its unique approach to structuring patterns — it can push users in less linear directions than more conventional sequencer interfaces.

Because the GP isn’t a Game Boy, though, you get some major extras. There’s sample playback, in the form of 8 monophonic 16Bit/44.1Khz stereo sample playback channels. And you can drive external hardware (or even computers) using MIDI.

If you want to try out LGPT before you buy a GP, or if you want some tracker action at your desk as well as on the go, you’re in luck. There’s a desktop version available for Windows, and now even one entering testing on Mac; Linux might follow. Of course, you get made fun of by the developer for running the Windows and Mac releases instead of the mobile versions.

LittleGPTracker Home
LGPT on the GP2x Wiki