We’ve already been exchanging some great tips for organizing your life, both musical and mundane. On the musical side, one of the most compelling software tools just got a big update today:

Minim: Music Management for Musicians

This elegant, very Mac-like utility organizes your songs, storing lyrics and audio/MIDI files and letting you track metadata about what songs are on what albums and work in what venue and are in what state and require what musicians … you get the idea. Basic features:

  1. Metadata and lyrics
  2. Albums and album art
  3. Audio and MIDI files, images, and videos
  4. Collaboration via iChat (nifty!)

The update features a slick new interface and the ability for songs to live in multiple albums. You can even upload directly to the community site iCompositions.

It looks really nice, but I’m also enjoying the wiki approach for content, since it allows the app and data to live, cross-platform, on a flash stick. Anyone know a good, TiddlyWiki-style wiki (or TiddlyWiki plugin) with multimedia support? And anyone using Minim for your music? I’d love to hear how it’s working for you.