After early driver releases by MOTU, RME, Roland/Edirol, and a few others, the Vista driver landscape has been pretty quiet. (M-Audio, anyone?) Some drivers will work anyway, after dismissing some warning dialog boxes. But having Vista-ready drivers is, of course, ideal.

PreSonus is the latest, with new 32-bit and 64-bit Vista drivers (and XP/XP x64) for its 10×10 FireWire-based Firepod interface. These are WDM Audio drivers, along with the usual ASIO drivers. Based on information from Microsoft and developers, it’s our understanding that only PCIe-based interfaces can support the new high-performance WaveRT driver technology, though we have heard from readers who claim better performance for USB and FireWire devices under Vista, as well.

Any PreSonus owners out there running Vista, we’d love to hear how this works for you — and if you can use the XP drivers for the other PreSonus hardware under Vista even without official “Vista support.”

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