Who better to give Mac and Windows plug-in tips than a developer? Chris Randall from Audio Damage, via his Analog Industries blog, shares some troubleshooting tips he’s picked up in the plug-crafting biz. For Mac, there’s help with repairing permissions and fixing validation problems and Logic’s “caching” issues. For PC, there’s a tip on Replicant in SONAR (though whether that applies to anything else, I don’t know). I’m lucky enough that my Mac and PC have both been very well-behaved. I see hosts as a bigger variable. Ableton Live is one of my favorites, in terms of reliability and compatibility, on both platforms — and I’ve talked to multiple developers who say the same thing, though its lack of side-chaining means it’s not the right tool for everything. But, generally, I’ve been pretty lucky. Got some troubleshooting tips of your own? Send ’em our way.