DRM free search in Max

And you thought all Max/MSP/Jitter could do was make sound and visuals. Stephen Lumenta writes in to let us know he’s created a Max patch for searching various DRM-free music stores:

i just saw the drm/other music thread. maybe i have too much time on my hand but i built a little max standalone app that will search drm-free stores (juno, bleep, 3beatdigital, emusic, othermusic). maybe useful, maybe just for fun.

Mostly interesting as a demonstration of some of Max’s more unorthodox capabilities, but fun nonetheless. You can download a free version for Mac standalone (Universal Binary), or a patch source that will work on either platform, from his Max page:

sbl – Max/MSP Code

There wasn’t a Windows standalone version, so I built one myself (no guarantees about whether this works or not):

DRM-Free for Windows (standalone)

While you’re at Stephen’s site, check out his Pluggo SBL Vintage Collection, a nice set of glitchy plug-ins, one of which earns extra points for having a face in its UI. More self-effacing description: “Some plug-ins to get that vintage glitchy sound people tend to be after. Drop them on your tracks and expect instant generic gratification. But don’t be fooled that anyone cares about your dsp efforts.”

Mac Universal Binary + Windows XP versions, free, and another demonstration of what’s possible building plug-ins with Max/MSP. Here they are, pictured in Ableton Live. Boy, there’s a lot of overlap of interest between Ableton lovers and Cycling ’74 gurus. If only those two companies would work together on something — oh, yeah. They are.

SBL Pluggo plug-in suite

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