Kitchen pan

Great sample libraries usually give you painstakingly-recorded collections of equipment and instruments to which you lack access. It’s a chance to get into someone else’s kitchen. Usually, that isn’t literal. In this case, it is. Welsh’s Synthesizer Cookbook has taken hundreds of samples of cookware from a US$5.95 price to free, providing kitchen sounds for those too lazy to sample your own cooking implements.

Actually, scratch that — even if I went and sampled everything in my kitchen, I couldn’t come close to being this exhaustive. Can you tell the difference between a 8.5” springform pan and a 9.5” springform pan? Recorded individually using bottoms, sides, rims with mallet and light stick? It’s in there. Microwavable saucepans and plastic containers are included, as well — 140 implements, from containers to pans to pots in all. If nothing else, it gives me the motivation to sample everything else in my house just to try to catch up.

Free Cookware Downloads, via the very-cool