Turbulence, the net art folks, have launched a “research blog” for music technology. Don’t let the “research” part put you off: it has pictures. And ring tones featuring pig sounds. (Hint to researchers: turn off the pig ring tone when you’re in the library.) There’s also a feature article from March with Jason Freeman, talking about projects from iTunes Signature Makers to audience-interactive musical compositions.

Networked Music Review, the new sibling to our long-time favorite Networked Performance blog

Calling things “research blogs” is catching on in many circles, and why not? The Internet’s hyperlinked universe and Google’s interconnected search algorithm were both inspired by academic journals, and the blogosphere has broken down what had been the severe isolation of researchers, especially in smaller fields like music technology. Of course, now we also get worms crawling around on circuit boards. Turbulence has been at the Interweb thingie for a long time, but it’s nice to welcome their latest addition, especially since here at CDM we’re both part academic and part bubblegum pop.