Chiptune for moms8-bit musicians appreciate their moms, too. (I hear nearly all of them have mothers. One or two were forged out of spare C64 parts, which is pretty cool, as well.) That’s M0M with a zero in it. (M0th3r’s D4y?)

A group of chiptune musicians decided they wanted to honor their mothers this holiday with a full, free album of chippy music. Included: Lawrence Power, nonfinite, Eightecs, Agenflit, Peter Swimm, captainmarmalade, Baron Knoxburry, dotdUmmy, and Otto tsr. (Hope I spelled those right.)

The track titles are excellent: “Mothership” … “Gird of Your Loins” … “Super Diaper Rash.”

If anyone plays this for their mother, let us know what she thinks! It’s free, so I suggest making a nice case for it yourself.

2A03 M0M EP