Hello, coming to you live from San Mateo and the Maker Faire hosted by Make Magazine. If you stopped by the CDM booth today, I hope you stick around a while. This site, for musicians, DJs, composers, and soundmakers, covers the audible side. Create Digital Motion covers VJing and live and interactive visuals (for an audience we like to call visualists). We cover store-bought hardware and software as well as DIY, and love having everyone from beginners to advanced readers around.

Here are some links to more information on some of what I was showing:

Sensors and MIDI: Working with sensors and physical inputs is what some term “physical computing.” We’ve covered lots of physical computing projects here on CDMusic.

I wrote up an introduction to MIDI for Make 07 which would be a good place to start if you’re relatively new to MIDI.

The MIDI sock monkey and infrared and touch sensors are powered by Lady Ada’s MIDIsense, as introduced here:
Sensors-to-MIDI with the MIDIsense Board. See also the Arduino board, which we’ve covered mostly on the motion side.

Barcode scanner to music converter, powered by Processing, a Java-based development language that makes programming friendly for artists. Check out the official Processing site, Processing Blogs aggregator, and Processing coverage on our sister site, Create Digital Motion.

Live visuals: The live video-processing “mirror” via the MacBook was built in Max/MSP/Jitter. Check out our ongoing Jitter coverage on CDMotion. Nope, no “source code” / source patch available yet — it’s a bit too messy, the reason you don’t see more open-sourced Max patches!

And totally off-subject: The keyboard I was using is a ReMOTE 37SL from Novation. Nothing to do with Maker or Maker Faire but very handy to have around … and well worthy of combining with other DIY hardware.