More M-Audio Vista Drivers (Updated: Now Conectiv, Too)

Patrick O’Neill points out that M-Audio has started to release new drivers with Vista compatibility: the Axiom 25, Fast Track Pro, MobilePre USB, and Jamlab all got new updates (the last three in beta). The Fast Track Pro is especially nice to see. Still no love yet for Wally and his Conectiv DJ interface, however. […]

Quick: Help Me Think of Anything That’s Not an iPhone

The co-founders of Apple’s first, erm, “collaboration” with AT&T went a little differently. Like the iPhone, it made calls on AT&T’s network. Unlike the iPhone, there was only one calling plan. It involved you calling as much as you wanted, and AT&T getting nothing. This collaboration proved short-lived. You know I’m often (well, sometimes, anyway) […]

Peter Kirn - June 29, 2007

I can use my Conectiv under Linux, but not Vista. Why, again?

Linux compatibility problems? Wally’s got his DJ gear working on Linux, and broken on Vista. And that makes him MAD. We’re celebrating random rant Friday, so let’s have at it until it gets fixed, ‘kay? He gripes because he loves, I’m sure. His opinions are his own, but I think it is important to be […]

Wallace Winfrey - June 29, 2007

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