Brian Eno, as one of the masters of generative music, naturally has some deep things to say about generative visuals. Since we’re always interested in the fusion of the two, that’s all the more interesting. Here he is, talking about his project 77 Million Paintings:

I love that Eno’s ideas are always clearly expressed and elemental. There’s tremendous opportunity to build on those ideas, I think.

More on Eno’s work on this project in a recent Apple profile; let me know if you’ve seen other good coverage.

Eno has a long history in art — digital, generative, and otherwise — and I know I enjoyed reading his writing from closer to “art school days.” (I gather art school is a different experience in the UK than here. Any Brits want to chime in on that?)

I look at the music side of what Eno’s doing over on CDM, though you can expect much more coverage when Spore hits. I think it’s probably our duty as composers and visualists to drop everything we’re doing and play Spore when that happens. It’s art, you know?

Brian Eno, Generative Composer, with Will Wright, on Create Digital Music

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