Doctor WhoSpeaking of audio post, last year, a mention of the use of Virtual Katy 2 on the new Doctor Who TV program (and King Kong, and Lord of the Rings stirred up some naysayers of this popular audio conforming tool. The folks involved on these projects have since spoken up. First, a Foley Editor from King Kong jumped in to say Foley work for the big ape worked well in VK2. This week, we hear from the man behind sound on the Doctor:

Hi, I’m Paul McFadden Supervising Sound Editor on Doctor Who and I have to say that VK2 saved our lives on numerous occasions.The show is a complete nightmare for recuts. Way to much for a TV show, VK gives us a workflow that allows us to complete[sic] the audio post on schedule. It’s a lifesaver.

I much prefer hearing from the people in question to hearing from press releases (all due respect to the people doing the press releases), so worth sharing that.

Virtual Katy

It’s interesting that Apple would be getting into the conforming game with Soundtrack Pro 2 and Final Cut Studio. I look forward to hearing how this works on for people doing Final Cut production; I expect it’ll take some months of work out in the field before we know. (Of course, even better is not having to make major cuts in the first place, but we know how that can go… “Final Cut”? Good luck!)