Perth VJ Kat (one third of VJzoo) at the helm of her Resolume rig.

We’ve said it before, but worth mentioning again: Resolume, with its super-clean interface, reliable performance, and support for extras like Flash files and open FreeFrame video effects, is bar-none our favorite Windows-based performance. It runs nicely even on my old Pentium M Toshiba laptop, and powers Jaymis’ globe-trotting tour with rockstar Bobby Flynn. If you’re looking to get into the program, Kat Black from visualist trio VJzoo has some good news:

Thought your readers might find this useful – we’ve released the handbook from our courses last year free for personal use. Covers the basics of PC-based VJing using Resolume, making loops etc. Linked off the forum at or from our site

Featured: Basic PC-based VJing techniques, VJzoo’s perspective on VJ-ing, Creating your own VJ loops, Formatting content for PC-based VJ-ing and using Resolume v2.3.

Introductory Manual to Resolume [PDF]

Here’s VJzoo setting up their rig and rocking Sevilla, Spain, because churches totally get me hot:

And even if you’re not on Windows, you can reap the benefits of the Resolume peoples’ generosity on free media treasure-trove

We’re in the process of uploading a bunch of clips to, although geez it’s exhausting. I’ve been working constantly for three days to upload two new batches of clips. So far, only one works:

The other ones… Argh.. Maybe in another day or two, will let you know. None of them are as weird as our vintage CVI clips – although thanks for even being nice about those 😉

In case you missed them, you can catch the full set of CVI clips:

Glitch, Synthetic and Real: Free Vintage Fairlight VJ Clips, Glitch in Jitter

Hope Kat will forgive me for posting that whole email, but it brings up a good point — is great, but maybe we need a new, faster service for uploading visuals. Would you be willing to pay for such a service, if you could pay a flat fee for uploads and then use bandwidth freely or cheaply?

Australians: If you happen to be in Perth, Australia — and, really, if you’re anybody, I’m sure you are — VJzoo is at the center of the Perth audiovisual scene. (The scene does sound genuinely awesome. How many hours does it take to fly from Melbourne or Brisbane to Perth again? Might have to drop by and see more of the continent.)