Chris Randall of Analog Industries (and, of course, Audio Damage) is on a roll in his latest around the Interwebs roundup. Not to steal your post here, Chris, but on the off chance someone missed this, he nets both:

1. A podcast episode with music made entirely on the Optigan, Mattel’s bizarre “optical organ” of the 70s. (See for more on that.)

2. Stefan Goodchild’s blog, aka “Stabilizer”, who’s on Peter Gabriel’s multimedia team (nice work if you can get it), and — in addition to having lots of wonderful goodies built in Mac/Windows music patching software Plogue Bidule, is hard at work with something featuring lots of light-up buttons, evidently Monome-inspired.

I should add something to this discussion, so I’ll add this: Optigan is how you spell it, not Optigon or anything sounding like octagon. That’s it. I’m turning into a copy editor.