Haken Continuum

The Continuum provides subtle, continuous control of software instruments. And now it has a stand that looks like it was lifted from the set of Deep Space Nine.

Alternative controllers come and go, but some designers lavish attention and craft on their controllers. The Haken Continuum is one we’re likely to revisit over time, because it’s an expressive instrument with continuous control that, for a small but dedicated audience, has proved its musicality. We saw a snapshot of the Continuum alongside the Buchla 200e, courtesy Richard Lainhart’s studio, and some of you were interested. After the jump, check out the Continuum in video action, courtesy GearWire and Jordan Rudess.

Haken Audio Continuum Product Page

In other news: the Continuum, which has a starting price just over US$3000 (really not that bad for a musical instrument, let alone one of this nature) has a new keyboard stand coming, shown above. Whoever just bought that Star Trek-styled apartment, this should fit in nicely.

GearWire.com points to a video they shot at Winter NAMM with a hands-on demo of the Continuum. (Somehow I missed this in the flurry of NAMM coverage, but Richard’s snapshot brought it up again — thanks to Joe Wallace at the site.)

The Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard Video- WNAMM ’07

Still with us? Want still more video? Jordan Rudess (who, incidentally, also works regularly with Richard Lainhart) is a huge fan of great instrument design. Here he is in a video clip from late 2005 working with the Continuum. And yes, this proves even great keyboardists sometimes want a different kind of controller.