Magic Bullet Looks

Studio Daily has a sneak peek video of the new Magic Bullet Looks – a plugin for After Effects and other hosts, as well as a standalone application for applying ‘looks’ to footage. The Magic Bullet Looks workflow is quite innovative, and when you see it, you’ll probably have a ‘why didnt I think of that’ moment – see for yourself, I wont give it away. While not geared for visualists in any sense, its definitely a useful tool (as are almost all Magic Bullet plugins), but it got me thinking a bit about the standard metaphors for working with live video, effects chains, mixer buses and the like.

I really like the simplicity of Magic Bullet Looks. Im curious what innovative work flows could be made for working with live footage. Any suggestions or applications for mixing live that have given you pause for their workflow and interface?

Check out Magic Bullet Looks at Studio Daily