“It’s … alive! ALIIIIVEEE!!! They said I couldn’t do it. They said I was mad. They said I couldn’t cram an entire “broadcast workstation” into a laptop, with jog wheel and faders! But my creation liiiiives!”

Yes, this one’s truly a monster. It’s a Windows laptop. It’s a video controller, with buttons and jog wheel. And it’s a mixer: four video channels video plus six channels audio. At the very least, it’d solve Jaymis’ gig rig troubles. This one box does it all. Of course, you’ll have to go to Korea to buy it, and part with 10,000,000(KRW). Wait a second. I have no idea how much that is. (Hang on, currency conversion … US$10,786.78, which actually isn’t all that bad if it works. Yeah, enough with that $100 laptop, one laptop per child, whatever. Let’s talk $10,000 laptop — one laptop per visualist.)

XENO Website (look for CCTOP in the bottom right corner, if it’s still there)

Via: AVING USA: All-in-one broadcasting equipment ‘UCCTOP Xeno’

Naturally, the internal mixing capabilities mean this little workstation can be an all-in-one video studio, on location. (Sony has done something similar, as mentioned in comments.) XENO is pushing the Internet broadcasting angle, as in this diagram.


I’m embarrassed not to know any more about this beautiful beast. If our South Korea-connected readers could clue us in, it’d be much appreciated.

Thanks to Joshua Ellis for the tip!