Moving Brands is the kind of creative house we love, one that heralds a new era of design, in which design work is responsive, interactive, dynamic, real-time — in short, live, digital motion for visualists. Processing gurus Toxi and Chris O’Shea worked on one of their most recent events, featuring sonically-generated visuals for the slick, silvery Muon speakers. (Slicker and silverier, I’d wager, than the new Silver Surfer villain in the new Fantastic Four movie.

Coding for artists remains a scary proposition for many, but Processing is making some real inroads — more, arguably, than even Flash did, since it forces people to type out generative visuals without the aid of some mouse widgets. And part of that success has come from slick demos of the tech.

To launch the “Built in Processing” book, the Moving Brands folks talk about what this Java-powered tool means to them:

Featured in the interview: Matt Wade and Karsten Schmidt (Toxi), creative directors, the latter of whom has had a big impact on Processing itself. (And thanks for all those great examples and blog entries, Toxi!)

Now, I have only one question. Maybe I’m dense, but I can’t find the actual book they’re talking about. Maybe you had to go to the launch in Japan. (Googling it just links back to Create Digital Motion, durnit.)