CDM needs your help. The massive, international, annual New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference is descending on New York City. That’s great. There are only two problems: 1) it’s too huge. 2) Most CDMers are not in New York. That’s where you come in.

If you’re traveling to town to attend NIME, to present at NIME, or if you happen to already be here in New York and are going to the NIME events or the concurrent New York Electronic Arts Festival (which seems itself to be perhaps a new creation in itself), let us know what you’re doing. Got a paper? Send us a link and some quick notes on what it’s about. Got a piece premiering? Tell us why it’s cool and link us to whatever documentation you’ve got. Taking photos? Send them to us via Flickr. Attending an event? Write up something, and we’ll run it. It’s one of those few times where I’m happy to post anything you send, provided you write a bit about it — so you’ve got instant publicity for yourself, in the process.

Too often, these huge conferences happen and only the people in attendance can keep up with what’s going on … and sometimes not even they can. I do appreciate your help, and will do my best to keep up here on CDM.

You can get in touch right here:

NIME/NYEAF Story Submission