If the readers here did, I suspect musicians and record labels would be richer, not poorer, music would be spread further around the planet, and policy might actually make sense. If you haven’t yet read comments on last week’s analysis of an industry push for DRM on radio, do it now.

On second though, as many artists start their own labels or self-publish, we may not be far from a world in which the artists really do run the record industry. Imagine an industry that’s actually smart and has a sense of humor. Fascinating.

AudioLemon, author of one of the best music tech blogs around (a newer arrival), says quotes the following from the fury over DAT recording (some things never change):

A coalition consisting of PEN, the Writers Guild of America, and other organizations representing writers filed a class-action suit today against major pencil manufacturers for copyright infringement. Defendents in the suit include Eberhard Faber, Riviera, Skilcraft, Cascade, Empire Pencil Co., and Dixon Ticonderoga.

The writers claim that with modern pencil technology, purchasers of books magazines, newspapers and other printed matter will be able to make exact reproductions of copyrighted material. The suit charges that royalties will be lost when people write out copies of books for friends.

Check comments for the full item and lots more:
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