Kermit Casio Keyboard

It’s easier being green than you thought. Dig the fantastic green sharp and flat keys on this Casio EP-30, a kid-friendly variant on the legendary (okay, maybe just infamous) Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard. Our friend Bohus Blahut covered this on Retro Thing, but I missed it during various travels. It’s worth repeating here for one reason and one reason alone: it should inspire you to paint the keys on your MIDI keyboard. (Speaking of which, anyone got some good tips for that? Sounds like a tutorial wants to happen there. Nothing worse than peeling painted keys.)

As a keyboard, otherwise, this is nothing special: basic sampling, which is fun, and the awe-inspiringly blippy power of the SK-1, but minus the fills. Check the full write-up on Retro Thing:

Kermit The Frog – SK-1 Sampling Keyboard

Now, back to painting your keyboards. I suggest purple keys, and a giant, manga-style illustration of Gonzo. Plus, of course, a big, fuzzy Camilla as a hood ornament.

Get back or the chicken gets it!