Free video loops from Resolume

Speaking of free footage … Bart, from the terrific indie Windows VJ software Resolume, has posted bunches of new, free footage to their site:

Resolume Footage Archive

Lots of good stuff, from abstract to found. Of course, all of this raises some questions: will you be spotted using recognizable footage? (I’ve certainly been at parties where VJs picked up on this.) The rules here should be pretty simple: first, use footage effectively, rather than just looping it indefinitely. Second, share enough footage that VJs worldwide have a big pile upon which to draw. Third, shoot some of your own footage.

All that said, I’ll admit that having some stock footage around is really useful when learning VJ software, trying motion graphics effects, and so on, so even if you don’t use this in a set, it’s handy to have.

Thanks, Pedro!

Got favorite sources for footage? Let us know.

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