Augmented sculpture

Greetings, programs! Pablo Valbuena’s “augmented sculptures” are gorgeous … and, yes, do recall a certain ground-breaking Disney sci fi film.

It’s been a long time coming, but projection is slowly making its way out of the single, flat rectangle that so often constrains it. (Not that we don’t love single, flat rectangles, of course.) The idea itself isn’t new, but artists are becoming increasingly interested in creating sculptural, three-dimensional projections. We saw Joanie Lemercier’s gorgeous Light Sculptures. Here’s another example of three-dimensional projections:

Pablo Valbuena, Augmented Sculpture [Artist page]
More info and video: Augmented Reality Sculpture Makes You Think You Are Tron [Gizmodo]

Doesn’t look like much in still photos; in the video, it comes alive:

And for another video example, here’s antivj’s Light Sculptures in action:

Via Philipp Steinweber’s “Blog About Work”