While we’re on the subject of animated pieces of paper: Switchfoot’s “Awakening” has been treated to a similar workflow (frames printed and photographed) with a very different result.

StudioDaily has an interview with Brandon Dickerson, on the workflow required to put this piece together.

Now, he’s just finished a Switchfoot music video that featured painstakingly realized “photomation” scenes — created by inkjet-printing 1224 separate frames of HVX200-captured performance footage, hand-tearing the band members out of each frame, and then re-photographing the performance, frame by frame, on a cardboard-box stage.

Some interesting insights into the type of organization and time required to complete a project like this successfully – 5 printers printing for 24 hours. 10 people cutting out for 16 hours. 1200 envelopes to keep the cutouts…

Check out the rest of the article.

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