Create Digital Motion is CDMusic’s sister site for visual performance, live and interactive visuals, VJing, and digital art. We’re still waiting for its main editor, Jaymis, to get back from a big rock-and-roll tour of Australia and environs, but even during the slowdown, various goodness for you:

DVJing: Pioneer Wants You to VJ with Pictures of Their Gear
DJ gear maker Pioneer is banking on the potential popularity of VJing in DJ sets. They’ve got quite a nice site up (good) and are giving away free clips of their gear rotating around (pass).

Sony HVR-V1P HDV Camera: Smooth Slow Motion Test
Jaymis has a new toy. This new toy shoots 200 frames person second. That means super-smooth slow-mo footage. Have a look, because it was enough for Jaymis to end his ban on gear from Sony.

Wearable Wrist Brace VJ Controller
This has potential for music, as well; it’s a wrist brace with embedded sensors and RFID tags, for wireless, wrist-based music control!

Motion Graphics on Trampoline
Anyone using graphics apps will appreciate this one. And anyone using Macs will appreciate the appearance of the hated colorful beach ball of doom.

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