Yeah, we need someone who can basically do this. Brilliant photo by Ezu, via Flickr.

We’ve got some big ideas for the future of Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion, and we need your help. Everything you like here now will stay. We’re just adding some carefully-chosen features around it, overhauling the community side of the site (createdigitalnoise), and making things work better. We’re looking for a web hacker/developer who would like to join the team and help take the site to the next level.

We need someone with strong PHP skills, experience with WordPress, and Apache and Linux server administration. If you’re interested, get in touch (choose “Editor” and talk to me directly).

We are not leaving WordPress. Nearly all of what you now see is sticking around. We’ve got some new stuff that you’re not seeing. One way to add features and improve functionality is to switch platforms. Another is to build on the platform you’ve already got, if it works. Capiche?