Ask CDM: Stuck in a Hospital? Learn Advanced Visualism!

Dan writes: Please pass on as many links as you possibly can think of for a beginning VJer who is currently stuck in hospital for a time – lots of time to play and practice and learn through tutorials etc. any help appreciated. Excellent question! So, let’s help him out — any suggestions, folks? Heck, […]

Livid Cell: New, $99 Simplified VJ and Live Visual Tool

Clean, straightforward, with a US$99 price tag, Cell could be the basic, cross-platform (Mac/Windows) live visual app many have been looking for. And it could be the entry-level app that still seems to elude some of the bigger manufacturers. We’ll be watching it. Not everyone wants loads of advanced video processing, compositing, custom programming visual […]

Peter Kirn - August 2, 2007

Tenori-On Debuts Sept. 4: Innovative Musical Instrument Launches in London

In Toshio Iwai’s world, THX 1138 is way, way cooler. Fans of radical exploration in instrument design have watched the Tenori-On since 2001. The instrument, designed by composer / sound artist / visualist / interactive designer Toshio Iwai, is part sequencer, part sampler, but with a novel, integrated interface using a grid of buttons. And […]

Peter Kirn - August 2, 2007

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