VeeYou – Free Motion/FCP Studio plugins.

Roger Bolton – Quartz Composer/Core Melt programmer, Quartonian developer and all around motion graphics whiz was kind enough to let us know he has released some free plugins for Motion and Final Cut Studio. VeeYou is a set of audio plugins that animate EQs and AUs. For those of you who VJ with Motion, these […]

Robotic Knives Patched in Pd, Circuit-Bent Graphics Cards

So, you’re really hot patching synths in Reaktor. You’ve done some interactive music in Max/MSP. You think you’re really awesome. Fine. Go up against 5VOLTCORE and their knife-stabbing robot. They stake more than a reputation on this — they tempt fate and put their hand in the way of an evil robotic arm with a […]

Peter Kirn - August 6, 2007

Microsoft Readies DirectSound Replacement: XAudio2 for Vista

Look out, PCs: you’re getting the audio engine from the Xbox 360. That’s the message from Microsoft, which abandoned the old DirectSound APIs in Windows Vista. They’ve got a new audio system called XAudio2 ready and waiting, however, and it looks good — though it also begs the question, why didn’t Microsoft ship it with […]

Peter Kirn - August 6, 2007

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