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Ilan Katin, a close friend and GarageCUBE employee, has let me know that the developers of the Mac VJ application Modul8 are looking for a new programmer to help with the next version of their software. Think you have what it takes? OpenGL shader chops? C++ skills? Interface design? Performance optimization? The list goes on …

Read on for the job description, requirements and contact information. This is a great opportunity for any serious graphics whiz to work on a breakthrough application with an incredible team.

Graphics Software Programmer at GarageCUBE

GarageCUBE’s flagship product, Modul8 is a real time video mixing and compositing tool for Mac OS X. It was created for video artists, Vj’s, installations and theatre productions.

Its unique and intuitive interface, high frame rate and quality of output have made it one of the most notable and talked about packages in the live video performance industry.

Job description:

Within the GargeCube team you will work on the development of the Modul8 software.

Your job will include:

  • Developing and extending elements for the software, engine and its tools.
  • Optimizing overall performance.
  • Integrating future technologies.


  • Expert mastery of C/C++.
  • Ability to program with the OpenGL API.
  • Knowledgeable in programing for Mac OSX and the Xcode environment.
  • Good capacity to optimize and debug.
  • Have at least two years of experience in real time graphics programing within multimedia and video game fields.
  • Capacity to work on existing framework and have knowledge of 3D engine architecture.

We are looking for someone who is motivated, independent and creative with good communication skills.

Additional skills:

  • Knowledge of Objective C, Python and php languages.
  • Knowledge of the Quicktime API.
  • Knowledge of network protocols.
  • Experience in Shader programing.
  • Well versed in mathematics.
  • Experience in programming user interfaces.
  • French a plus.

About GarageCube:
GarageCube is a small company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

We have a very dedicated user base and frequently engage in direct communication with them. We also collaborate with some of them on a variety of projects around the world.

Geneva is a small yet very cosmopolitan city situated on the French border and surrounded by the alps. It is rated as one of the second highest in terms of quality of life.

If there is no interest in relocating tellecommuting is also a possiblity

For further details about the company please visit:

Submit to apply:

  • CV or resume.
  • References.
  • Work samples.
  • Web site.
  • Cover letter.

Boris Edelstein
By email: jobs [at]

By mail:
3, rue de la Muse
1205 Geneva