My God … it’s full of screens:

If you really want live visualism and VJing to make an impact, step one is giving your display mechanism a major upgrade. Great content and artistry matters, but without a way of communicating to them the audience — well, you musicians know what it’s like when the PA is crap and you can’t be heard.

Roger Bolton (known to many here as the creator of Quartz Composer-based Quartonian) passes along some of the brilliant work he’s been doing with Pixeladdicts, the UK-based VJ collective, events outfit, motion graphics group, and, well, generally visualist crew. This work with Younger Brother has to be about the most drool-worthy visual rig I’ve seen with live music. The Pixeladdicts site is under construction (such is the problem with having lots of gigs), but check out their YouTube page for more:

Pixeladdicts – YouTube

That’s Pixeladdicts on the install, Inside Us All doing the VJing.

By the way, Roger, if you’re out there, give us a holler — has something horrible has happened to your site/domain, mate?