New iPod video output snag – Not compatible with older 3rd party cables?

iLounge is reporting that the new iPods released wednesday require some sort of authentication/DRM chip for video output cables to work. Apparently, existing video output solutions from 3rd parties that work with the 5G/5.5G video iPod do not work on the Nano and the Classic (the iPod Touch is not currently shipping – but assumed […]

Composers We Love: Nitin Sawhney Scores ‘Heavenly Sword’ PS3 Game

Electronic musicians, gamers, and fans of the Asian Underground movement will be pleased to hear that noted composer/producer Nitin Sawhney has composed the soundtrack for the anticipated PS3 title ‘Heavenly Sword’. Sawhney is best known for his Mercury Prize-winning album ‘Beyond Skin’, his production of the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack for ‘Varekei’, and his recent […]

Westlee Latta - September 7, 2007

Hands On Tenori-On: Close Encounters of the Interactive Music Kind

Game and film composer Gary Kibler is back from Tuesday’s TENORI-ON launch event with words and images reflecting upon this new instrument. (See comments for lots more discussion, of course!) And for some reason, he’s been playing with his mashed potatoes… -Ed. See also: Yamaha TENORI-ON Launch: Photos, Videos, Interviews, Demos, Details, and a Music […]

Gary Kibler - September 7, 2007

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