Designed to enhance phone camera video, and optimized for YouTube, could be very useful for visualists. Most of us don’t perform with particularly high-resolution footage, so the dimensions of YouTube clips aren’t too much of an issue, but the horrible compression is instantly recognizable, which I’m sure prevents plenty of VJs scavenging material from the biggest video repository on the planet. FixMyMovie might actually make some YouTube videos useable again. There’s a review with some examples on

The difference really is quite impressive. FixMyMovie has gotten rid of the prominent blocky compression artefacts in the original video, without noticeably blurring it. It’s not an amazing, incredible, action-movie-bulldust improvement, but it’s very worthwhile. Rapid camera movements – an acknowledged weakness of the enhancing technique – leave noticeable ghosts from previous frames. But they’re only noticeable if you’re trying hard to see something wrong with the video. The improvements far outweigh the problems.

I’m VJing a set for Lyrics Born on the weekend, and haven’t been able to find any reasonable quality filmclips online to cut up, so I might set FMM loose and see how it goes.