Brad Linder, a freelance journalist, shared his Zoom H4 mobile battery pack hack at a recent coworking event in Brooklyn called Jelly. The idea of coworking is to get “virtual” electronic workers out of their apartments and in an environment where they can meet other people. “Lonely” I think is the wrong word, as many of us have chosen that life, but at the same time we’re aware of missing some of the potential of real-world interaction. As it happens, just that power of random happenstance has me collaborating with an industrial designer on a custom Monome, and picking up mobile recording tips from NPR producers.

If you’re curious to hear the results of the H4 in action, Brad’s story was on NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday. (More on the coworking story at Brad’s blog.) I make a brief cameo, and provide a fair bit of the ambient sound at the beginning, which I find amusing. But whether or not it’s the best choice for you, the H4 can certainly be used in pro applications.

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