Ghostly Handmade Music in NYC, Beyond; Music Costumes?

It’s an old cliche to associate Theremins or electronic music with Halloween, and an unfortunate one — Theremins, for instance, are expressive inventions that can rival Classical acoustic instruments. But do electronic and digital instruments have the potential to create spooky, ghostly new musics? Absolutely! Artists in NYC area Saturday – Etsy party!: If you’re […]

Censored Video: Max/MSP and Physical Computing Power X-Rated Musical Inventions

Photo: Donald Bell, via Flickr. By the way, USB ankle plugs aren’t just for women; I have one. It’s a huge boon while traveling, though I wish I were getting lower audio latency. Expressive technologies, like any other media, will say whatever their creators want them to say and do what their creators want them […]

Peter Kirn - October 22, 2007

Blog Guide to Synthesis on Beatportal

My friend and Keyboard Magazine colleague Francis Preve, an experienced remix artist and sound designer for the likes of Korg and Ableton, is writing a new overview of synthesis techniques. The series is published by Beatportal, from the online music store Beatport. Here are the episodes up so far: Introduction to Synthesizer Programming Part 2: […]

Peter Kirn - October 22, 2007

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