Apple Chose iCal Over Java? (And Why it Could Be Good News for Processing)

Create Digital Music got an interesting comment about allegedly, what really happened to Java in Leopard. Short version: nearly all of the development team is gone; the one Java 6 person left and many others were moved to, of all things, iCal. Java 5 is likely to be all you get on Leopard, and still […]

Rumor: Mac Java’s Demise is Real, and Why That Could Be Good News for Multimedia

Java loves music and multimedia, but — well, we may actually have to let it die on the Mac in order for it to be reborn. (For the uninitiated, that triangular thing is the open-sourced Java mascot, Duke. Shown here with Project LookingGlass’ brilliant creator.) Photo: yuichi.sakuraba, via Flickr. Java may not be on the […]

Peter Kirn - October 31, 2007

MIDI Control with iPhone and iPod Touch: i3L MIDI Bridge

Mobile, touch control of visual apps? We’ve seen one way to do it; here’s an even more compatible MIDI approach. I think I’d stick to the iPod Touch, personally, just to conserve battery on a phone. But it’s interesting. -PK Hot on the heels of Mrmr, ArtificialEyes (the Istanbul-based VJ collective) have released i3L MIDI […]

dan-winckler - October 31, 2007

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