Digitalists can’t be satisfied with the aural alone, so for visuals, here’s the latest from CDMusic’s sister site:

UnitedVisualArtists blow us away with more elegant digital art, including the new generative visuals seen above for Chemical Brothers.

Jaymis has good times experimenting with slow motion on his new Sony camera; now gorgeous motion from butterflies is the domain of consumers as well as big-budget nature programs.

And in other news: top-shelf hard drive RAIDs, our own Jitterist vade talks about his work, remembering Doc Bailey’s spectacular work, what’s new (or isn’t all that new) in Jitter for Max 5, I get set straight on intelligent mirrors, and virtual access to the best cutting-edge techniques from visual mecca SIGGRAPH.

We’re pleased to welcome Dan Winckler to our team on CDMo, and we look forward to kicking this site’s little sibling into high gear. Musicians: visualists are your friends!