We’re aware that we have a site outage on the domains createdigitalmotion.com and createdigitalnoise.com. Thanks for everybody who’s noticing, it really does make us feel loved. We’ve had ongoing performance and reliability issues from the host (site5) on which those domains are located. We’re working now on migrating them off that former host (cdmusic itself was there a long time ago), and we have some other changes in store I think you’ll like, including some very significant changes in createdigitalnoise.com land. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more details — expect a State of CDM update very soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

Updated. And we’re back up, as we anticipated, though curiously still no word from our host. Anyway, look forward to snappier performance, better site integration, and some new features rolling out over the coming weeks. And no, we were not raided by the UK police or those guys from BanPiracy.org.