It’s an old cliche to associate Theremins or electronic music with Halloween, and an unfortunate one — Theremins, for instance, are expressive inventions that can rival Classical acoustic instruments. But do electronic and digital instruments have the potential to create spooky, ghostly new musics? Absolutely!

Artists in NYC area Saturday – Etsy party!: If you’re in the New York area 10/27, it looks as though we may have an open slot to be a short, featured performance at a party this Saturday with Etsy, plus potentially a chance to talk to some members of the press during the day (or both). If interested, send me some information on a DIY music project you’ve created; the emphasis will be self-created hardware and software.

And, of course, everyone’s welcome; more details soon, but see’s Storque for details on Come as you aren’t.

Rest of the world artists: if you’re doing interesting Halloween activities, musical and artistic, we’d love to hear about them. Do send them our way.

A challenge to bend: Don’t forget, 10/28 or thereabouts is our circuit-bending challenge, to bend some new instrument in one day. Don’t worry too much about the date — 10/27, 10/29, whatever — we’re just excited to see what you come up with!

Music technological Halloween costumes: Yes, I know this is largely an American holiday, but I think all of you will be up for this. Any bizarre ideas for costumes for music technology geeks? I’ve already thought of costuming as Leon Theremin, or disguising myself as a MIDI message. Other ideas? (Heck, if you want to challenge me to something, I may take you up on it.)