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Furby and Jesus, keyboards and guitars and laser gun blasters, pre-natal heart monitors, toys and instruments and strange unidentifiable electronics — in one day, all these things evolved from one thing into … something else. Babies and bigger adult people took to their shops, spent huge amounts of money (one dollar! two dollars!), and came up with remarkable designs. Some were beginners trying their first simple bends, some were serious builders, constructing really playable (if glitchable), convincing instruments. If you’ve never considered bending before, this could change/blow your mind. And for bending lovers, we have quite a range. Thanks to our friend Circuit Master at GetLoFi and Mike Una here on CDM, here come pages of results from the Circuit Bending Challenge I… -PK

(See also GetLoFi’s round-up, especially if you like all your videos on one page.)

A Challenge Met, the Judges Confer

Annnndddd…. we’re done. The last few late entries have trickled in and as we all wipe our brows, holster our soldering irons, and take some aspirin to combat the bleep-induced headaches, I’d like to thank all of the participants.

The range of works produced here all have a few things in common- enthusiasm, ingenuity, and straight-up nerdery. My fellow benders, I salute you.

The panel of expert judges (Peter Kirn,’s Circuit Master and myself) will now commence to review all of your videos, pictures, and .mp3s. We will then get down to recognizing the emergent champions based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to:

1. Creativity
2. Humor
3. Skillfulness of execution
4. Quality and range of sounds produced
5. Esoteric geekiness
6. Adherence to the rules (ahem.)

Remember that we’ve got a few excellent prizes to give away:

A Parasite and stickers from The Squarewave Parade
A MIDI kit from Highly Liquid
CDs and stickers from Tiger Claw Records

Additionally, I have a huge stack of CDs from and other various ephemera to give away to everyone who participated, so expect an email from me shortly asking for your mailing address.

So without further adeiu, here is the complete roster of all participants in this year’s Circuit-Bending Challenge: