Our sources tell us some of you have run out to buy Mac OS X Leopard on its debut evening. If so, do be sure to tell us what’s working or what’s breaking.

Our initial reports have told us just about all software should be compatible, including plug-ins. Hardware should work too, generally, though we’ve gotten a couple of anonymous hardware manufacturer reports that suggest you may see updated drivers. The good news is, people I know running Max/MSP/Jitter haven’t had any issues at all; usually Max has compatibility problems with PACE copy protection drivers, as it did initially with Vista, until an update is available (usually within a few weeks). This means iLok copy protection should work, too. But, of course, I’ll believe it when I hear it, and you’re out in the field.

One other question: is upgrading frying any of the authorizations for your copy-protected music software? If so, which stuff?

And no, I’m not upgrading yet. The temptation is all on the visual side, with Core Animation and the new Quartz Composer, so I expect I’ll give in soon.