It’s on! The Circuit-bending challenge is officially underway!

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A quick review of the guidelines:

1. Bicycle, walk, or swim to your nearest secondhand store.

2. Locate and purchase a cheap electronic noisemaking device.

3. Take it home and bend that thang!

4. Document the process and end result, then upload it to the internet in some fashion- Youtube, Flickr, etc, all with the tag “circuitchallenge.” (and createdigitalmusic, of course). Still images, audio, and video are all fair game. Bonus points for all 3.

5. Add a comment to this post with links to your entry. I will add them to the post itself as they are received.

You have until midnight on Sunday. Go!*

(* or whenever you like, because we don’t know what time zone you’re in … see comments for further disclaimers.)

An auto-updating slideshow of all flickr’d entries can be seen at, thanks to the esteemed Circuit Master.

Here are the entries, in order received:

Zombie Jesus by Ryan J:


Mini-Furby by George Lazenbleep (With excellent documentation!):


Mystery Black Box by Evil Paul:


Plastic Guitar by Stephen Haunts:
Stephen Haunt

The Monster by El Colin

Zapper by Vanillatray:


Circuit Bent Toy Guitar by Johan & Lukas Larsby (bonus points for hilarious video):

Some kind of bleepy, blinky thing from BRIAN!


A Saxophone from Fin, which died in the process:
fin sax

Squelchbox knocks it outta the park with “The15 Puzzle”:


Burnkit gear’s Kawa Clone:
burnkit gear
Link w/audio

Octatone’s 99-cent guitar:


Kubton’s Little Tykes Keyboard:

VJ Anomolee destroys the Easy Button:
vj anomolee

Here’s my own personal contribution to the day: A Prenatal Heart Listener

Looks like some fierce competition already- keep those entries coming!

[Ed. note: We left out a reference to Reed Ghazala’s superb book on the topic in our story the other day, so let me mention it again. Reed’s Circuit Bending tome is the best paper reference to this stuff. If you feel a little, ahem, inadequate on skills after seeing the artistry in these entries, as I certainly do, it’s the place to go. Now that you’ve got your feet wet, well worth checking out the book for some additional chops! -PK]