Marc writes with some great news for musically-inclined portable gaming fans — and visualists, too:

Intially, after a while of finding out where the trouble was we nailed midi
for littlegptracker running on GP2x. Here’s a little vid for it.

Of course, another application would be also to use the 2x as sequencer to
drive sequences on any midi-aware VJ program. So you could for example write
an audio track using 6 channels and use the two remaining to have perfectly
sync’ed video 🙂


This is Little GP Tracker [LGPT] running on a Gamepark Holdings Gp2x handheld, outputting midi using a custom serial to midi interface designed & coded by FirestARTer, board & assembly by IDMCLASSICS.NET.

In this clip, LGPT is driving a Clavia Nord Micromodular [3 seperate mono patterns into a polyphonic patch] and has an Alesis HR-16 drum machine slaved via Midi Sync.

Little GP Tracker:

If the lack of a stylus Mario Kart hurts, though, see also this:
Hacked MIDI Support for Nintendo DS: DSerial

See comments: the upcoming F200 will have stylus/touch input. Awesome.

Multi-touch mobile gaming, could you be next?