Ranjit Bhatnagar, aka Moon Milk Labs, sends this crazy video of his robotic Theremin playing away on Patsy. (After the jump, Theremins playing Crazy, the song.)

See also the Moonmilk YouTube page for more. Yes, the robot struggles a bit with the Theremin … but then again, so do I.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with this bot this Saturday at the Etsy Halloween party, along with me working on some ghostly video-controlled music and various other oddities and surprises. And we’re just one part of a whole, wild Halloween fiesta courtesy Etsy Labs and friends. Come out if you’re free, and if you’re in other parts of the world, expect some project details soon. (Not to mention our big CDM holiday this weekend, which is the Circuit Bending Challenge, on Sunday.)

Come As You Aren’t: Etsy Labs Halloween Party [Storque @ Etsy.com]

Ranjit had a really lifelike robot that played violin beautifully, but I made the mistake of giving it a Voigt-Kampff test and it’s been a little, erm, odd ever since. Think that’s Crazy? This is: