Last week, I mentioned my friend, Keyboard colleague, and Ableton sound maestro Francis Preve had written an overview of Ableton Live 7 for Beatportal. Maxim DJ writes in comments that he’s posted a Russian translation and commentary. (Already one complaint that it’s not a direct translation, but in blog style, he adds his own thoughts — works for me. Francis, what do you– oh, yeah. Neither of us reads Russian.) So, anyone with Russian-speaking friends, forward away. And if you speak Russian, let us know how he did on the translation.

Some time ago I had chatted about building an informal international network of music sites so you can easily find more content in your native languages (which even for many readers here is not English). We’ve got a lot of work we’re doing on what we call CDM3, so I’ll try to make it happen as part of that, hopefully in the next couple of months.