While on the subject of free music listening, in case you haven’t seen this yet, TuneCore has a free mix album up on iTunes — 33 tracks for free, from everybody from Public Enemy (whoo!) to the awesomely-named Harry and the Potters:

TuneCore Free Album

The only bad news: DRM-equipped tracks, so get ready for the burn and re-rip trick if you want them to be truly free. (Odd that you’d want DRM on a free track, huh? Hopefully this is a trend whose end is near…)

In other news, TuneCore is also doing music video sales. It’s just one step, but it’s clear that artists will have ever-expanding options as far as promoting themselves and adding direct revenue streams. We cover that over on Create Digital Motion (which is back up on a shiny, new server!):
iTunes, Video Marketplace? TuneCore Does Music Videos

Note that this is unfortunately US-only. Why is free so hard?