Mod271 modular software for synthesis

Take the modular, patchable sound-making capabilities of Reaktor and (at the other end of the scale) Reason, and combine it with a graphical, zoomable, nodal interface with patch cords showing actual signal, as on the reacTable interactive table interface, and you should get something like Mod271. (Pronounced “mode.”)

The software is in pre-pre-alpha phase, but it’s freely downloadable for Windows users if you’re adventurous, and the developer promises more progress and other operating systems soon.


  • ASIO/MIDI support, VSTi version coming
  • Everything is full audio-rate, meaning you can mix and match MIDI and DSP
  • Powerful nodes: “every node can be automated with unlimited control points and automation takes place right in the 3D environment.” … “nodes can influence any amount of other nodes or switched into a singular state.”, with radial and linear modes for the nodes
  • Interface is 3D hardware-accelerated, and the signals even (optionally) draw at audio rate for realistic previews
  • sample-accurate envelopes and motion, “meaning you can make an oscillator out of an envelope.”
  • 25 node types and growing
  • Make your own nodes with Python

Crazy stuff! It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops. And I hope the Reaktor developers are paying close attention; there’s a lot here that could inspire a future Reaktor version.

Full description, lots of background, and that bleeding-edge super-pre-alpha-at-your-own-risk:

Mod271 @NuDSP

Thanks to Ronnie of for the tip!