Okay, Leopard users — we’re interested to hear more video output results as people upgrade. We got some good news earlier this month in that MacBook Pros (with both NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards) now properly support analog video output running under Windows on Leopard’s Boot Camp. That’s nifty, of course. But what about non-Pro MacBooks? We’ve heard at least one reader report that says that sync problems still stop MacBook users from sending analog (S-Video / composite) video when booted into Windows via Base Camp. (It’s too bad, as I actually enjoy the MacBook dongle for its ability to output S-Video and composite outputs simultaneously.)

Wikipedia now makes reference to the problem, as well — minus a citation, so if anyone has a proper citation for this, we’d love to hear it:

There is partial support for Apple’s combined S-video and composite video adapter for TV-out. Some Macs with an ATI graphics chip are compatible as long as the system is booted with the cable in place, yet many have had trouble getting the S-video image to sync properly from the Boot Camp side while using the 2007 aluminum iMacs, regardless of how the ATI resolution and refresh rate is set.

Anyone have test results?

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