Cross-platform visualism: Philipp Rudler, a member of the VJ collective montage sauvage, juggles Mac + PC in Gratz, Sytria. Photo: rawmeyn, via Flickr. So what’s PC got that Mac doesn’t? You’ve got a few ideas.

For no particular reason, we’ve gone super-Mac/Apple-centric here on CDMotion this week, so to even the score, I’m curious: what Windows-only tools do you choose for your visualist needs? The awesome DirectX-based free modular environment vvvv immediately springs to mind, along with our VJ app fave Resolume. Windows also happens to be a great gaming platform, which has interesting implications for visualists — anyone building custom 3D visuals in Microsoft’s XNA framework, for instance? I also like DirectX for video input at the moment.

But what else do you depend on, whether big apps or little tiny utilities?

(Hey, at the very least, Mac users, you’ll have a reason to boot Boot Camp, now Leopard-only.)