Mobile Small form factor HDMI/HD recording – record your HD gigs in .. HD!

Cineform last week announced a concept video recorder which may (ok, lets be honest, WILL) prove to be incredibly useful to the VJ market. The Cineform Direct to Disk recorder looks mightily impressive – with HDMI input and passthrough, audio input, and an incredibly small for factor (think Mac Mini but 1/3 the height), it […]

Logic vs. Final Cut: Installation Problem Solved

We’re here on the road looking to capture and edit HDV on the go. I pop in my Final Cut Studio install disc to try out on my loaner MacBook Pro, and — huh? It skips installation of Final Cut Pro no matter what I do? Turns out the culprit is installing Logic Studio, then […]

Peter Kirn - December 7, 2007

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